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Vital Signs Support Materials

Listed below is a Compilation of Network Water Quality Work Products, Instruments, Tools (RFPs, SOWs, Contracts/Task Agreements etc.) by phase, other information networks could find useful, and key website links.

The Phase 1-3 example documents provide language used by largely the early networks to obtain the necessary expertise, deliverables, and work products from cooperators in completing phases 1–3 and to support development of the monitoring plan. (Any networks that have a document they feel should be posted here that would be of help to other networks that may follow, please call Pete Penoyer at 970.225.3535.)

Phase 1 Documents: (Network Examples)

Phase 2 Documents (Network Examples)

Phase 3 Documents (Network Examples)

Price Quote Summary Information

  • Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitoring Field Instrument pricing (Coming Soon)

Continuous Monitoring Notes & Documents

Lab Contract and Cost Information

Key Web Sites

Last Updated: January 04, 2017