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Multi-parameter Water Quality Instrument Comparison

General (full) Price Quote Comparision
Basic Unit (see unit description) YSI 6920 MP Logger Hach-Hydrolab DS5 In-Situ MP Troll 9000*
Included in this cost are: Temp., SpCond., a Depth Sensor & power supply (type varies) $5,690 $5,550 $4,914
pH $210 $475 Included above
Dissolved Oxygen (Rapid pulse)
(Lum. DO)
$ 1,300
(Std. Clark)
Included above
Subtotal: $6,400 $7,325 $4,914*
      w/DeLron RDO & calkit* $7,178
Hand-held Displays YSI MDS 650 Hach-Hydrolab Surveyor In-Situ Rugged Reader
Basic Unit w/BaroPres. $2,500 $1,750 $1,830
Field Cable (ft.) (25') $400 (16') $425 (25') $242
Subtotal: $2,900 $2,175 $2,072
      w/Standard DO* $6,744
System Total: $9,300 $9,500 w/DeLron RDO* $ 9,250

* Reflects GSA pricing discount

Another commonly deployed but optional sensor (Turbidity) was quoted at ($1,340; YSI), ($1,525; Hach-Hydrolab), and ($1,431; In-Situ).

Always confirm and spec out the components, hardware/software and supplies you will need/prefer to meet the monitoring conditions you anticipate, before negotiating best price possible. There may be additional ancillary components you want to consider (battery chargers, various interface cables for laptop, extra/backup sensors etc.)

Some common additional sensors (depending on sonde type/vendor) that may be utilized (DQO dependent) are Turbidity, Chlorophyll a, Blue-Green Algae, Rhodamine WT, Ammonia/Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, ORP/Redox, Ambient Light - PAR, Total Dissolved Gas, (Salinity/TDS, like Sp.Cond. are calc. from raw conductivity using the manufacturer's built in algorithms).

See the below links for detailed price quotes on YSI, Hach-Hydrolab, and In-Situ multiparameter instruments. Other instrument options in the products line series may be available as well.

Hydrolab-Hach Enviromental (Series 5)

In-Situ, Inc. (Series 9000)

Y S I Environmental (Series 6000)

Note: Price quotes for the Hydrolab "Quanta" Series and the YSI 556 MP Systems are not provided here because these instruments are not compatible with their respective 5 Series & 6000 Series instruments, which should have greater application in the Vital Signs Monitoring Program.

Last Updated: February 02, 2012