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WRD Technical Reports - Intermountain Region

[+] Arizona
[+] Colorado
[+] Montana
[+] New Mexico
[+] Oklahoma

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site (WABA)

Geomorphic Adjustment of the Washita River, 2007 (1.8 MB PDF)

[+] Texas
[+] Utah

Arches National Park (ARCH)

Delineation of Floodplains for the Unnamed Wash in Moab Canyon, Arches National Park, Utah, 1990 (2.44 MB PDF)

Southeast Utah Group: Canyonlands National Park (CANY); Arches National Park (ARCH); Natural Bridges National Monument (NABR)

Water Quality Data Analysis and Interpretation for Spring Monitoring Sites Southeast Utah Group, 1996 (13.4 MB PDF)

Zion National Park (ZION)

Ground-Water Discharge from Navajo Sandstone to the Streamflow of the Virgin River in the Zion National Park Area, 2005 (2.8 MB PDF)

[+] Wyoming

Last Updated: January 20, 2012