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Water Resources Technical Reports

The National Park Service disseminates the results of biological, physical, and social technical studies through the Natural Resources Technical Report Series. Natural resources inventories and monitoring activities, scientific literature reviews, bibliographies, and proceedings of technical workshops and conferences are also disseminated through this series.

The Technical Information Center (TIC) is the central repository for planning, design, and construction documents for the National Park Service (NPS).

Some Technical Reports dealing with water resource issues are published by the Water Resource Division (WRD). The WRD Technical Reports are organized by region. There are seven regions within the National Park System. Please refer to the links below for the Technical Reports regarding the different regions. These reports are available in PDF format.

Alaska Region

Intermountain Region

Midwest Region

National Capital Region

Northeast Region

Pacific West Region

Southeast Region

Miscellaneous Technical Reports - The National Park Service and Water Resources Division also publishes Technical Reports which are not park specific, but deal with general water resource issues.

Last Updated: January 03, 2017