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Water Quality

The focus of our Water Quality program for NPS Ocean and Great Lakes parks is to help park managers make informed decisions to protect aquatic resources. We recognize that this is best accomplished through information provided in issue appropriate scales and through partnerships.

Great Lakes

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Under the current Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the National Park Service is partnering with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to assess water quality in our Great Lakes parks. This project will allow us to assess water and sediment quality within parks relative to coastal waters in each of the lakes.

Regional Water Quality

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Most stressors of coastal water quality originate from beyond park boundaries. An understanding of the regional perspective of water quality is critical to successful management of coastal waters. These projects can assist park managers in making informed management decisions and develop necessary partnerships to protect park resources.


Water quality in southeastern coastal national parks. Is "fair" good enough?

Last Updated: June 05, 2012