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Golden Gate National Recreation Area Seafloor Maps

Golden Gate National Recreation Area manages coastline on the Pacific Ocean and estuarine resources in San Francisco Bay. Seafloor maps were developed by cooperators from California State University, Fresno, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Fifty-two habitat types were identified that ranged from bedrock outcrops on island and mainland flanks and in some areas of the bay, to soft, dynamic bedforms consisting of sediment waves and ripples. Seventeen anthropogenic features (e.g., pipelines, bridge abutments, dredged channels, dump sites) were also identified.

The diversity of habitats is higher in San Francisco Bay than in the offshore areas. Along the open coast, 94% of seafloor habitats is unconsolidated sediments; the remaining habitats are hard substrates and anthropogenic features. In San Francisco Bay, 74% of the seafloor habitats are unconsolidated sediments; the remaining habitats are rock outcrops, mixed sediments and anthropogenic structures and disturbed substrate.

Reports, maps, data and metadata created by this project can be downloaded from the NPS Integrated Resource Management Applications Portal. Please see below for direct download links to each product.


Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping in the Golden Gate National Recreational Area (PDF 2.3MB)


Sheet 1 - Sun-Illuminated Bathymetry (PDF 9.5MB)
Sheet 2 - Color-Coded Bathymetry (PDF 9.6MB)
Sheet 3 - Acoustic Backscatter Imagery (PDF 17.2MB)
Sheet 4 - Geology Map (PDF 8.6MB)
Sheet 5 - Marine Benthic Habitat Map (PDF 9.4MB)
Sheet 6 - Area of Interest Maps (PDF 10.7MB)

Data and Metadata

GIS data (ZIP 641MB).
Backscatter data (ZIP 1.6GB).

Last Updated: May 07, 2012