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Sockeye salmon in Kijik Lake, Lake Clark National Park & Preserve, Alaska.

Fisheries Program

National Park Service fisheries management is rooted in the Organic Act of 1916 and is reaffirmed by the Redwood National Park Act of 1978. Consistent with these broad authorities, NPS fisheries management policies emphasize sustainability and the preservation and, when necessary, restoration, of natural assemblages of native aquatic species and their habitats.

The heritage of the National Park System includes recreational fishing as an activity through which visitors may experience and enjoy aquatic resources. Recreational fishing in NPS units is allowed where it is authorized by federal law or where it is not specifically prohibited and does not interfere with the functions of natural aquatic or riparian habitats. Angling opportunities exist in more than 170 NPS units that encompass diverse aquatic environments and fish communities, including numerous species of interest to anglers.

Fisheries Program Brief

Last Updated: June 21, 2013