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A Call to Action: Crystal Clear

2016: National Park Service Centennial

In 2016, the nation celebrates the centennial of the National Park Service (NPS) as the steward of special places that represent our natural and cultural heritage. Many national parks were founded on the beauty and value of water. Since the preservation of the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park in 1872, the National Park System has grown to include significant examples within majestic rivers, the Great Lakes, oceans and coasts, and other spectacular water resources across the United States. The Crystal Clear Call to Action item brings together NPS scientists, park managers, and our partners to protect the health of America's waters for the next century. By 2016, the National Park Service will complete at least 30 projects in parks that restore watersheds, monitor and improve water quality and wildlife habitats, and maintain opportunities to experience these treasured resources for current and future generations.

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Last Updated: January 03, 2017