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Partnering for Long-term Shared Benefits

Whiteoak Falls in Shenandoah National Park
Whiteoak Falls in Shenandoah National Park

Many national parks around the world are simply too small to fulfill their mission of preserving natural and cultural resources on their own. Park managers know that to meet their mandate, they must seek opportunities to partner with local land owners, communities, and fellow agencies. National parks are all ultimately linked together by a variety of natural and cultural phenomena: migratory species, ecosystems beyond borders, watersheds and aquifers, pollution, and our modern globally mobile population.

Several NPS sites have established "sister park" relationships in the past few years with national parks in other countries. These partnerships increase information sharing and direct park-to-park contacts to address many of the common issues mentioned above. Sister park partnerships follow many paths, based on the needs of the partners. The NPS Office of International Affairs has guidelines that can get your park started on the path to fulfilling international collaboration.

Currently 33 park units have sister park partnerships with parks in 21 countries.

National Park Service Unit Country Park/Protected Areas
Acadia NP Italy Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park
Big Bend NP Mexico Maderas del Carmen & Canon de Santa Elena refuges
Big Cypress NP Guatemala Laguna del Tigre National Park
Chiricahua & Coronado NMs Mexico Ajos-Bavispe National Forest Reserve & Wildlife Preserve
Cuyahoga Valley NRA Slovakia Zahorie Protected Landscape Area
Everglades NP Brazil Pantanal National Park
Fossil Butte NM Russia Khvalynsky National Park
Glacier NP Canada Waterton Lakes National Park
Glacier NP Mongolia Khan Khentii protected area
Glacier Bay NPP Chile Francisco Coloane MP
Grand Canyon NP China Mount Yuntai National Nature Reserve
Grant Teton NP Argentina Los Glaciares NP
Grant Teton NP Georgia Lagodekhi Nature Reserve
Grant Kohrs Ranch NHS Canada Bar U Ranch NHS
Hawaii Volcanoes NP Korea Jeju Volcano NP
Indiana Dunes NL Poland Kampinoski National Park
John Muir NHS United Kingdom John Muir House
Klondike Gold Rush NHP Canada Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site
Mammoth Cave NP China South China Karst World Heritage Site
Mesa Verde NP Mexico Paquime & Monte Alban Archaeological Zone(s)
Organ Pipe Cactus NP Mexico Alto Gofo de California & Delta de Rio Colorado & El Pinacate & Gran Desierto de Altar BR
Pea Ridge NMB Scotland Culloden NP
Pictured Rocks NL Mongolia Lake Hovsgol National Park
Pictured Rocks NL Canada Pukaskwa National Park
Pinnacles NP Argentina Quebrada del Condorito NP
Point Reyes NS Georgia Kolkheti Nature Reserve
Redwood NP Chile Alerce Costero National Park
Rocky Mountain NP Poland Tatras National Park
Rocky Mountain NP Slovakia Tatras National Park
Rocky Mountain NP Georgia Tusheti NP
Rocky Mountain NP Costa Rica Monteverde & Arenal Volcano NPs
Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP Cambodia Samlaut Protected Area
Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP China Mount Tai Scenic Site
Shenandoah NP Nepal Sagarmatha NP
Timucuan EHP Ukraine Nizhnednestrovsky National Nature Park
Yosemite NP Chile Torres del Paine National Park
Yosemite NP China Huangshan National Park
Yosemite NP China Jiuzhaigou National Preserve

Last Updated: January 03, 2017