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Social Science Branch Overview

Man asks survey questions at Yosemite National Park.
Survey questions being asked to a driver at Yosemite National Park.

The role and functions of the Social Science Branch are to:

  • provide leadership and direction to the social science activities of the NPS
  • coordinate social science activities with other programs of the NPS
  • act as liaison with the USGS Biological Resources Discipline and other federal agencies on social science activities
  • provide technical support to parks, regions, and program offices
  • support a program of applied social science research related to national research needs of the NPS

Social Science Branch Formation

Director's Order #78: Social Science (PDF - 104KB) was issued in October of 2002 establishing roles and responsibilities regarding NPS social science and the Social Science Program. This director's order is currently under review.

In August 2007, the NPS Social Science Program convened an external review team to review the important issues associated with the various activities of the program. In particular, the review team was charged with "suggesting future strategies that will mitigate or remedy important problems confronting the Social Science Program and take full advantage of opportunities likely to emerge by the NPS Centennial year of 2016." Consequently, the Social Science Branch, assuming the roles and functions of the former Social Science Program, was formed in October 2009.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Social Science Program
Natural Resource Stewardship and Science
National Park Service
1201 Oakridge Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525-5596

Or, use the contact form and select Social Science as the category.

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Last Updated: February 02, 2016