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Procedural Manual 77-2: Floodplain Management

II. Policy

It is NPS policy to recognize and manage for the preservation of floodplain values, to minimize potentially hazardous conditions associated with flooding, and to comply with the NPS Organic Act and all other federal laws and Executive orders related to the management of activities in flood-prone areas (including coastal flood-prone areas). Specifically, it is the policy of the NPS to:

  • Protect and preserve the natural resources and functions of floodplains;
  • Avoid the long- and short-term environmental effects associated with the occupancy and modification of floodplains; and
  • Avoid direct and indirect support of floodplain development and actions that could adversely affect the natural resources and functions of floodplains or increase flood risks.
  • Restore, when practicable, natural floodplain values previously affected by land use activities within floodplains.

When it is not practicable to locate or relocate development or incompatible human activities to a site outside and not affecting the floodplain, the Service will:

  • Prepare and approve a Statement of Findings, in accordance with procedures described in Procedural Manual 77-2: Floodplain Management; and
  • Take all reasonable actions to minimize the impact to the natural resources of floodplains; and
  • Use non-structural measures as much as practicable to reduce hazards to human life and property; and
  • Ensure that structures and facilities are designed to be consistent with the intent of the standards and criteria of the National Flood Insurance Program (44 CFR Part 60).

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