NRPM Peer Review Standards

Peer review of reports in the publication series is guided by a suite of NPS, directorate, and division requirements.

The peer review process and requirements are provided in the publication series Manuscript Submittal Form (MSF). This form must be completed and accompany any report submitted for publication.

Current NPS peer review guidance requires that NPS scientific and scholarly activities comply with OMB Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review (2004; 70 FR 2664-2677), and NPS Director's Order (DO) #11B: Ensuring Quality of Information Disseminated by the National Park Service.

Peer review of the manuscript must comply with the NPS Interim Guidance on Peer Review.

Peer Review Information for Inventory and Monitoring Division Offices (IMD)

If the manuscript is submitted by or on behalf of the IMD, it must also adhere to IMD-specific guidance (NPS only) and have either:

  1. A completed General Peer Review Form (NPS only), or
  2. A completed Protocol Peer Review Form (NPS only) for monitoring protocols.

Who Can Be a Peer Review Manager for a Report?

A Peer Review Manager is typically an NPS management-level employee. The person designated for this role is often the person managing the research effort.

Note: The author or contributing author of a report can never be the report's Peer Review Manager.

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