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Volume 32
Number 1
Summer 2015
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Published: 4 Sep 2015 (online)  •  14 Sep 2015 (in print)
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Upcoming Issues/Deadlines

Fall 2015
Seasonal issue: November release. In production.

Winter 2015–2016
Seasonal issue: February release. Contributor’s deadline: 15 October.

Spring 2016
Seasonal issue: June release. Contributor’s deadline: 15 February.

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From the Editor
  Upcoming Issues/Deadlines
Masthead Information
The impact of introduced crayfish on a unique population of salamander in Crater Lake, Oregon
The National Park Service response to climate change in wilderness
Using Lake Superior parks to explain the Midcontinent Rift
Indicators and standards of quality for viewing the night sky in the national parks
Satellite communications: Geocaches as interpretation
Tick surveillance and disease prevention on the Appalachian Trail
Parks, pikas, and physiological stress: Implications for long-term monitoring of an NPS climate-sensitive sentinel species
Survey of an endangered bat roost at Coronado National Memorial, Arizona
Abandoned mineral lands
Removal of artesian wells in Great Sand Dunes National Park and its aftermath on small mammals, plant cover, and area disturbance by ungulates
Vascular plant hyperdiversity in high-elevation riparian communities of National Park Service units in the Klamath Network
Ozone effects on two ecosystem services at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA
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