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The National Park Service has at least 97 coastal park units including National: Historic Preserves, Historic Sites, Historical Parks, International Parks, Lakeshores, Parks, Seashores, Recreational Areas, Memorials, Monuments, and Preserves. These coastal parks contain more than 7,300 miles of shoreline, and a wide diversity of geological, biological, and cultural resources.

Increasing pressures and environmental factors such as coastal population growth, pollution, habitat encroachment, and human modifications have dramatically impacted these vital coastal areas. To protect and preserve our national coastal parks, we must have broad and effective partnerships for coastal zone management. Parks below which do not have links associated with them do not currently have geology related National Park Service web pages.

Shoreline Geology--Oceanic

Shoreline Geology--Other Tidal/Estuary

  • Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, Washington
  • George Washington Birthplace National Monument, Virginia
  • Governors Island National Monument, New York
  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Alaska
  • Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial, California
  • San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, California
  • San Juan Island National Historical Park, Washington
  • Thomas Stone National Historic Site, Maryland

Shoreline Geology--Lakes

Shoreline Geology--Reservoirs

This page lists parks that have a common geologic theme. If you would like to contribute images or materials for park pages, please contact The National Park Service
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