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National Fossil Day™ 2012 Art Contest Winners

"Careers in Paleontology"

Thank you to everyone who entered the National Fossil Day 2012 Art Contest. Thank you to the judges from museums and paleontology organizations in the Washington D.C. area and to the contest hosts at the American Geological Institute.

Congratulations to the National Fossil Day Art Contest winners! We are pleased to present the winners in each of the 4 age-group categories (click on partial image to view the full artwork):


5-8 Year Old Category


First Place
Brooke S. (age, 6)
Duluth, GA

Second Place
Mark Andrew D. (age, 6)
Willimantic, CT

Third Place
Jack S. (age, 7)
Colorado Springs, CO



9-13 Year Old Category


First Place
Kasandra N. (age, 12)
Sharon, WI

Second Place
Shelby S. (age, 13)
Norfolk, VA

Third Place
Cristian S. (age, 11)
Sharon, WI



14-18 Year Old Category

First Place
Ciena H. (age, 14)
Florissant, CO

Second Place
Mikayla S. (age, 17)
Columbus, OH

Third Place
Catherine C. (age, 17)
Liberty, MO

Honorable Mention
Immanuel P. (age, 16)
Richmond, VA


19 and Up Category


First Place
Mark Ryan
Minneapolis, MN

Second Place
Anna Poon
Brooklyn, NY



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Last updated: October 18, 2012