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Orientation to the National Park Service

  • Learn about the NPS
  • Learn about your Park

Learn about the National Park Service

  1. NPS Fundamentals I: NPS Mission and History

    Fundamentals I is an introductory orientation developed by the NPS. You will learn how the National Park Service began, and how it fits into the larger picture of the federal government. The course is divided into three modules. You may view and download the modules here.

  2. Videos

    National Parks: An American Legacy

    The National Park Service as well as several national parks maintain their own video collections on YouTube. Check out the following links to watch their videos:

  3. Additional Resources

    NPS Organizational Chart (PDF - 16.7KB)

    National Park System Map (PDF - 10.1MB)

    NPS Regions Map (PDF - 375KB)

    Flat Hat Chats - Messages from NPS Director Jarvis (accessible from NPS computers only)

    The National Parks: Shaping the System e-book (website)

  4. Diversity Publications (website)

Picture yourself here!

Photo of Corrie Floyd at Mount Rainier National Park Photo of Mandy Toong at Katmai National Park and Preserve Photo of Chelsea Feeney at Yellowstone National Park Photo of Chelsea Neill at Mount Rainier National Park Photo of Jonathan Harvey at Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Learn more about the NPS site where you will be working:

  1. Find your park's website

  2. View your park's Geologic Map and Geologic Resource Inventory Report

  3. Take a tour of your park's geology

  4. Look up your park's enabling legislation

  5. Download a map of your park

  6. Discover thousands of park images, documents, drawings and maps on NPS Focus

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Last Updated: January 04, 2017