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Soil Crossword

Soil crossword

2. Frozen layers of soil, occurring in arctic or subarctic regions, which have not thawed for a long time.
5. The quality of the soil that enables water to move downward through the profile.
7. The well decomposed, more or less stable part of the organic matter in mineral soils.
11. The mineral soil particles less than 0.002 millimeter in diameter.
12. The upper part of the soil, which is the most favorable material for plant growth, ordinarily rich in organic matter.
16. Unconsolidated material, largely undecomposed organic matter, that has accumulated under excess moisture.
18. The downward entry of water into the immediate surface of soil or other material.
20. Individual rock or mineral fragments from 0.05 millimeter to 2.0 millimeters in diameter.
1. A layer of soil, approximately parallel to the surface, having distinct characteristics produced by soil-forming processes.
3. Of or pertaining to rivers; produced by river action.
4. Rounded or angular fragments of rock as much as 3 inches (2 millimeters to 7.6 centimeters) in diameter.
6. The wearing away of the land surface by water, wind, ice, or other geologic agents and by such processes as gravitational creep.
8. Particles that range in diameter from the upper limit of clay (0.002 millimeter) to the lower limit of very fine sand (0.05 millimeter).
9. A vertical section of soil extending through all its horizons and into the parent material.
10. Wetness characterized by zero or positive pressure of the soil water.
13. The downward movement of water through the soil.
14. Material, such as sand, silt, or clay, deposited on land by streams.
15. Solid rock that underlies the soil and other unconsolidated material or that is exposed at the surface.
17. Capable of supporting plants,
19. The direction in which a slope faces

Word List:
alluvium, aspect, bedrock, clay, erosion, fluvial, gravel, horizon, humus, infiltration, peat, percolation, permafrost, permeability, profile, sand, saturation, silt, soil, topsoil