Earth Science Week in the National Parksmagnifying glass

Kids Art Gallery

Here you can see examples of things kids have drawn that show earth science in the National Parks...

What do you mean you don't see any science in these pictures? Earth Science is going on everywhere, any time you see nature (rocks or water or air) you are looking at the things earth scientists like to study. These things are important to life too; no plants, animals, or people could live without air, water, and geology.

Why don't you draw pictures of earths natural features to share with us? We especially like pictures of things which you saw in National Parks but any kind of natural landscape will be great! Some kids use crayons, pencils, and paints to share what they have seen while other kids like to use their computers. No matter how you choose make your picture you can mail a copy to "Park Geology Web, PO BOX 25287, Denver, CO 80225" and maybe we will add your picture to the art gallery below. During Earth Science Week the top three pictures which we receive will be recognized and the artists will receive prizes so be sure to include your return address. Unfortunately we will not be able to return your art work so please don't send anything priceless. Have fun creating!

child's drawing of pine trees

child's drawing of waterfall

child's drawing of an arch

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