Teaching Paleontology in the National Parks

2nd Grade: Introduction to Fossils

Part II:  Digging up a dinosaur

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Table of Contents

28. Title

29. Fieldtrip

30. Geologic Map

31. Badlands

32. Cliff

33. Prospecting

34. Exposed Bone

35. Recording a Find

36. T. Rex Tooth

37. T. Rex Tooth

38. Digging Pedestal

39. Bandaging Tooth

40. Finishing the Block

41. Crew on Hillside

42. T. Rex Tail

43. Digging Pedestal

44. Tail with Cap

45. Digging Trenches

46. Stratigraphy

47. Paleontologist

Author: National Park Service.

Email: parkgeology@den.nps.gov

Home Page: http://www.nature.nps.gov/geology/education/index.htm

Other information:
Project coordinated by Marcia Fagnant, Fossil Butte National Monument.

Developed by Michael B. Leite, Ph.D., and Brent H. Breithaupt, M.S., University of Wyoming.

Slide show script can be found in the slide notes and the curriculum guide.

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