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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
CAKR Cape Krusenstern National Monument Arctic Network Alaska Region In Progress yes 2017 2017 2017-0713: from Steph: GAAR, KOVA and NOAT - New Brooks Range map will cover, and provide a bedrock/geologic map to each of these three parks. See CAKR for project details. Oh, this is a huge (huge) map, covers/includes 19 1' x 3' maps!__CAKR - Brooks Range map will cover. Brooks Range GIS data is with Ron being self-QCd. Will go to either Jim or me for QC when ready. The massive PDF is being worked on by Ron, Dalton and me. Expecting this to be complete late summer.___2016-1018: have Ak state geologic map…..2015-0924: as per Heise email: waiting on USGS state map completion, will continue to provide ASC with $20k - $30k per year to cover some of Ric Wilson's time and keep them prioritizing the Alaska park units___2014-0414: backing out to FY 2015 based upon Ron K saying he'll only get BELA AND KOVA this year…..2013-1121: Noatak 1x3 part of state map Ric Wilson says should be available soon (spring 2014) …….2011-0202: not likely for FY 2011 so backing down to 2014 for now ……2010-1129: need better summary inserted here…2007-0917: follow scoping summary Image

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