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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
BUFF Buffalo National River Heartland Network Midwest Region Can Be Started, Not GPRA Complete yes 2018 2018 2017-0713: Completed 19 of 20 maps this fiscal year. The 20th map not expected until the fall, so not a GPRA completion this FY.___2016-0714: added new GMAP for Murray 7.5' (76081); this leaves only the Osage SW as only outstanding intersecting quadrangle needed to complete this project; all USGS and AR GS Data needs assessed___ 2015-0924: from Heise email: BUFF - USGS wrapping up, no more $ needed, maybe a 16 completion____2015-0618: received new deliverables of terrace mapping from Angela Chandler (AR GS) for Mt Judea, Snowball, Eula, Marshall 7.5's as PDF's and geodatabase; see email fo today explaining______ 2014-1119: have new USGS SIM-3314 (GMAP 75962) for conversion summarizing all USGS work in this area; need to edge match with AR GS stuff too; heise email of 11/5 says the following related to this: "This announcement just came in to my email, it's the most recent iteration of the work that Mark has been doing in the park. While some of this is a compilation of his previous work, there is a whole lot of new mapping and/or digital conversions of older, paper maps. In particular all of the new mapping of terrace deposits is captured on this map. Just wanted you to know this was available, Mark will probably be contacting you as well. Another huge step towards the entire park having a state of the art product and great work by Mark. He is still working on those two, western quads and Angela is back in there mapping the terraces in those areas the AGS was responsible for. Our Inventory will wait until everything is completed before we covert it into the NPS data model and deliver it to you but I thought you might be interested in seeing this new version. Very cool, and a great example of NPS/USGS/AGS collaborative efforts."____……2014-0414: BUFF Chuck Bitting has requested additional mapping related to hog farm issues affecting watershed….need to id those quads and areas….has also requeste AR GS map river terraces identified by USGS in Arkansas portion…..$3800 for field expenses desired……2012-0925: have recently received GIS for Buffalo City and Big Flat from AR GS as well as paper copies of Cozahome and Rea Valley from them too…need GIS for latter two still……….. This project is still awaiting a few pieces from USGS to complete and then needs all edge-matched too……2012-0716: Hello Tim, I will send revised shapefiles (actually I can email them to you) for the Buffalo City and Big Flat quadrangles once we get the quads edge-matched to the Rea Valley and Cozahome. Hope all is well with yours. Angela Chandler2011-1026: won't get USGS final deliverables until 20142011-0906: need to update MXD to show Big Flat, Buffalo City, Maumee 7.5's for sure……looks like Rea valley, Cozahome, Murray and Osage SW are only outstanding 7.5' QOI's still….2011-0202: changing projection for earliest completion in 2012…..2010-1119: located Maumee 7.5' completed by USGS; need to add into MXD and queue………2010-1115: changed to "CBS,NGC" to reflect work that can be done converting USGS and AR GS existing publications for BUFF…. A few outstanding quads still tho….2010-0527: Tim spent day 5/25 updating gmap status; found 3 new 7.5' quads by AR GS online for Landis, Marshall, and Harriet 7.5's; all are PDFs online and GRI received GIS for these back in 2008… Chuck Bitting email of 5/26 says Cozahome, Big Flat, Rea Valley, Buffalo City all under way by ARGS and he may asssist in wilderness mapping. For Maumee, Osage SW and Murray need updates from both AR GS and USGS. Also, need to verify that existing GIS coverages of all held gmaps are latest and greatest too before proceeding. Need to review BUFF supplied watershed boundary as well for coverage…..2009-0902. St. Joe 7.5' is most recent; need to add to MXD (GMAP 75172); still seem to need intersecting 7.5's for Buffalo City, Rea Valley, Maumee, Big Flat, Cozahome and Marshall for full park proper coverage though; need to determine who is supplying these (USGS or AR GS)…..2007-1204: follow scoping summary, but remember GRE trying to get agreement with AR GS for some mapping/digital work, so need to have current status of this from Bruce Heise first before proceeding. Have numerous 7.5' qois for BUFF already available and digital. Image
NATR Natchez Trace National Parkway Gulf Coast Network Southeast Region Can Be Started, Not GPRA Complete yes 2018 2018 2016-0401: call with Darrell Schmitz, Heise, Connors___expect Marrietta, Ratliff, Kirkville 7.5's 2016-0831___ expect Guntown, Sherman, Bissell 2017-0630___2015-0924: as per Heise email: NATR - modified existing agreement for an additional 2 quads by Miss St. I think we need a meeting with the park, network, Miss St, and state survey to come up with a plan to complete this park. Once all the Miss St draft maps are completed, what else can we realistically do there?_______2014-0414: providing funds to Darrel Schmitz to complete Dr. Russells preliminary maps……will give only some pieces in Mississippi…….have all Tennessed maps published as paper for sure…started digitizing them too….2013-1122: Dr. Russell had lots of prelim maps according to Darrle Schmitz…in Tupelo 30x60 7.5' quad areas Marrietta, Kirkville, Ratliff, Guntown, Fulton, Sherman and maybe a few otehrs in our "red" area…Tupelo 7.5' Schmitz knows most about…also aware of some start on Sparta, Troy, Troy SE, Houston East too at Ole Miss Miss Mineral Resources Institute (MNRI) mapping…in Carthage 30x60 area there are more gaps in mapping with some shrink-swell clay issues.…Jackson 30x60 missing Edwareds, Learned, now Terry NW is pub'd now ..on Natchez 30x60 there are many missing still….need Natchez 7.5' for sure as it's terminus…..might be an Adams County map available down here too..7.5'…For Alabama portion, Russell may have some maps there too…for Tuscumbia 30x60 area..2011-0208: moving to "not started" because need plan to get all mapped at large-scale with msgs…..backing out to 2013 based upon so much new mapping plan needed and nothing in place yet with states……2010-1115: changed to "CBS,NGC" to reflect work that can be done converting / digitizing some of the MS GS 7.5's for NATR…..2010-0413: pre-scoping document reveals many holes in Mississippi and Alabama stretches of NATR, but Tennessee is fairly well covered in paper format but will need digitized. Need to work with MSGS and ALGS to fill holes in places and get digital coverage Image
PETE Petersburg National Battlefield Mid-Atlantic Network Northeast Region Can Be Started, Not GPRA Complete yes 2018 2018 2016-1004: have received VDMR deliverables for phase 1 ( east half of Church Road 7.5' - full Sutherland 7.5'; - west half of Petersburg 7.5'; - northwest 1/4 of Carson 7.5' that can be converted but still awaiting Prince George, Hopewell, and Chester 7.5' areas______2015-1001: call with PETE map enthusiasts:______________2015-0924: as per Heise email: PETE - Virginia survey wrapping up Phase 1, western half. Call with them next week on phase 2 on cost and time frame to complete park._____2014-1009: waiting for products from VA DMR….2014-0414: likely back out to 2016 for now; no project currently underway with VA DMR….2013-0501: backed out to 2014;….2011-0202: backing out to 2013 for now…..2010-0727: need to contact VA GS but they're website at speaks about these quads and Williamsburg 30x60 too and Richmond area mapping….2010-0722: GMAP 979 paper appears to be same as VA state geology, considering using this for both PETE and RICH as nothing else large-scale seems to be coming; need to discuss with Bruce Heise and make a decision…………2009-0903: project scope needs revisited with USGS and VAGS Image

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