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IACUC Project Review

For NPS Employees: Please use our Intranet site.

Dear Principal Exhibitor/Investigator/Teacher,
The following is a step-by-step protocol for electronic submission of your project for NPS IACUC review:

  1. Download and complete the appropriate form for your project:
    • a. The General Submission (GS) form for Principal Investigators (Research) and Teachers (Teaching), or the Exhibitor Submission (ES) form for Exhibitors (Exhibition).
    • b. If your project is up for either its year one or year two annual review, please complete the Annual Review Questionnaire (see below).
    • c. If you need to make an amendment to an existing project, download and complete the Amendment form (see below).
  2. Save the completed form to a reliable drive as: Region Abbreviation_Park Unit Abbreviation_Family Name of Principal Investigator_Species Common Name_Year. An example might be: SER_GRSM_Smith_White-tailed Deer_2012.
  3. Attach the properly named file to an email. Send that email and project attachment to
  4. The NPS IACUC will inform you that your project has been received.

Following successful creation and submission of your project, you will receive a confirmation notification from the NPS IACUC stating so, and that the review process has begun. Should you have any questions during or after the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact the NPS IACUC Administrator. Submissions by regular mail are also accepted; however, submitters must appreciate the extended time frame for hand delivery when making a submission by regular mail, i.e. mail the submission with ample time for an adequate review prior to the proposed start date of your project. Regular mail submissions should be mailed to:

Project Review/Submissions
United States National Park Service
1201 Oakridge Drive, Suite 200
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

If your project has already received review and approval by an IACUC other than the NPS IACUC, you need only to attach 2 documents to an email and send them to The two documents are: 1.) A copy of your approving IACUC's official approval notice, and 2.) A copy of your complete Study Plan; i.e. what your approving IACUC approved. You need not complete any of the NPS IACUC submission or amendment forms.


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Last Updated: January 04, 2017