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NPS Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

For NPS Employees: Please use our Intranet site.
IACUC personel measure a large birds talons
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How we do this:

  • Review projects involving vertebrate animals to be used in research, teaching, and training within NPS units
  • Consult with park representatives and researchers about proposed animal activities and advise on regulatory requirements and current standards of care for wildlife research animals, emphasizing the 3 R's: refinement, reduction, and replacement
  • Visit locations where vertebrate animal activities are conducted for post-approval monitoring (PAM) 
  • Report to appropriate authorities on the use of animals in research within NPS units
  • Advise, consult, and collaborate with other agencies on animal welfare oversight in wildlife research

How can we help:

If you are a park representative...
  • Please use our intranet site for assistance or call (970) 267-7237
If you are a researcher proposing vertebrate animal research, teaching, or training activities within NPS units...
  • Please complete the General Submission form if NPS IACUC will be the sole IACUC for review of your project. Please email the completed form to:

** If your project has already received review and approval by an IACUC other than the NPS IACUC, you need only to attach 3 documents to an email and send them to . The three documents are: 1) A copy of your approving IACUC's official approval notice, 2) A copy of your complete Study Plan; i.e. what your approving IACUC approved, and 3) the NPS IACUC Concurrence Form, which can be found below. More information may be requested, if needed, once we review these documents.

If you have an approved project with the NPS IACUC but need to make changes...
  • Please complete the Amendment form and email the completed form to:


For questions about projects involving wild, vertebrate animals and the need for NPS IACUC review or for any questions about animal welfare oversight by the NPS IACUC, please contact us at:
(970) 267-7237

NOTE: NPS units issue permits for conducting scientific projects within their respective boundaries through the Research Permit and Reporting System (RPRS). NPS IACUC approval DOES NOT replace Park specific permit requirements. Please contact your NPS park representative for specific requirements and procedures.

NPS IACUC Contact:

Dr. Tracy Thompson
Committee Chair and Attending Veterinarian

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Posted July 18, 2016 at 8:00 AM.

IACUC meetings held the first Monday of each month (except Federal holidays, then following Monday)

Average time from submission of project for review to approval notice = 30 days

Last Updated: January 04, 2017