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Archives - April, 2004

Shenandoah National Park Comments

At Shenandoah National Park, the Commonwealth of Virginia recommended only a portion of the Park as nonattainment. The National Park Service believes this limited approach to defining nonattainment area boundaries may have adverse consequences for the Park for many years to come. The National Park Service is concerned about the manner in which the Park has been separated from surrounding large source areas that may be contributing to the Park's ozone violations. As currently proposed, the Park is faced with the challenge of managing only a portion of its land as nonattainment with the remaining area to be managed as an attainment area. Furthermore, the nonattainment area only includes portions of Park land in two counties. Designating only a small portion of the Park as nonattainment and isolating the Park from large source areas will do very little to protect the entire Park, its more than one million annual visitors and its ozone sensitive resources from unsafe ozone conditions. Therefore, the National Park Service recommends to EPA that the entire Park be included in a nonattainment designation.

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