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Air Pollution Impacts the Economy

Air pollution costs us our health, our quality of life, and our money. If we look back at the period from the enactment of the Federal Clean Air Act in 1970 to the present, our health and our economy has gotten an enormous boost from cleaner air. One study by the EPA found that the Clean Air Act has resulted in estimated health benefits of $23,000,000,000,000 (23 trillion dollars) over 20 years or $45 in benefits for every $1 spent to reduce emissions--a good deal for all of us!
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Another survey of economic studies released by the American Lung Association found that the benefits of meeting even tighter ozone and particulate matter standards in the future would avoid tens of billions of dollars in health costs and prolong life for thousands and thousands of Americans.

Even small businesses should benefit as much if not more than the business community at large from lowering air pollution and the high health costs of dirty air.

We can't afford polluted air!

Impact on Health

Impact on Environment

Impact on Economy 

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Clean air health benefits = $45 of benefits for every $1 spent

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