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Geology of North Cascades National Park

Virtual Field Trips

Three separate field trips take you (1) along the scenic North Cascade Highway (State Route 20), (2) up the Baker Lake road, and (3) along the Mount Baker Highway (State Route 542). Most of the sites you'll see are right off the highway, but we've included a few side trips that take you off the beaten path. Click on one of the three fieldtrip maps shown to see a detailed map.

Navigate by returning to this page or by using the clickable map link at the top of each field trip stop page. Are you ready to hit the road?


Field trip map 1 Field trip 1; Highway 20 and vicinity
This field trip begins west of North Cascades National Park at the town of Concrete near Lake Shannon and winds through the Ross Lake National Recreation area along Highway 20 to Washinton Pass.

Field trip map 2 Field trip 2; Baker River Road and Schriebers Meadows
This field trip takes you from Concrete up the Burpee Hill Road to the Baker River Road and on to Schriebers Meadows south of Mount Baker. It includes a stop on the Anderson Creek Road and some off-road side trips.

Field trip map 3 Field trip 3; North Fork of the Nooksack River (Highway 542)
Major stops on this field trip are along the Mount Baker Highway up the North Fork of the Nooksack River with several sidetrips into North Cascade National Park.

Many more field and side trip stops in and around North Cascades National Park are described in Geology of the North Cascades: A Mountain Mosaic.

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Material in this site has been adapted from a new book, Geology of the North Cascades: A Mountain Mosaic by R. Tabor and R. Haugerud, of the USGS and published by The Mountaineers, Seattle