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This page is designed especially for kids. This is the place to find games, activities, books, and other fun ways to learn about paleontology.

Q: Why did the T.rex need a bandage?
A: He had a dino-sore

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Cool Ice Age Park Video

child with fossilSomething cool is happening in the desert near Las Vegas. A new National Monument has been created for giant ice age fossils found at Tule Springs. Girl Scout Troop 41 proposed making a video to help spread the word. The result is a video field trip to the park and a whole lot of community support!



ClarissaMeet a young paleontologist who has a fossil named in her honor. Clarissa's story is now told in a book titled, "Dinogirl: The story of a Girl and a Dinosaur" by Denise Porcello

Read about Clarissa's inspiring dino digs!
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Meet the Author

OliviaOlivia McConnell lives in South Carolina. Olivia loves science. She wanted her state to have an official "state fossil" so she worked hard to get the Columbian mammoth named as her state's fossil.

Now, she's written a book based on her real life experience of taking action to celebrate fossils!

Share your Favorites

child with fossilIf you would like to share a story or link with other National Fossil Day participants, contact us at the link below.


Curator for a Day

KylieEli Navant has an extraordinary story to tell about his passion for prehistoric life!

"...on November 1, 2012 I had my first official interview. The staff at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science interviewed me for the position of Vice President of Research and Collections..."


Aspiring Paleontologists

SamanthaLearn about some of the cool things that other kids who love fossils are doing.

Read about Samantha's Dino Club!
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Kylie's Fossil Find

KylieIn May of 2010, seven-year-old Kylie Ferguson, from Georgia, participated in a Jr. Paleontologist program at Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Just a few hundred feet from the visitor center, Kylie found a rare museum-quality saber tooth cat skull.


Meet a Paleontologist

We asked some paleontologists to tell you about what they do and study, and what they love about fossils. Read their stories:

Cassi Knight  Roy Plotnick  Thomas Holtz  Sidney Ash  Joshua Samuels  Alan Titus  Vince Santucci  Josh Bonde 
Michelle Pinsdorf  Glenn W. Storrs  Rebecca Hunt-Foster  Arthur J. Boucot  Robert B. Blodgett  Greg McDonald  Eric Scott  Sally Shelton 
Hans Deitre-Sues  Jim Kirkland  Alton Dooley  Karen Chin  Erica Clites  Katie Loughney  Richard Kissel  Andrew Heckert 
John Repetski  Christy Visaggi  John Hoganson  Scott Foss  Bruce Schumacher  Scott Sampson  Greg Liggett  Jere Lipps 
Matthew Miller  David Brezinski  James Hagadorn  Kari Prassack  Tony Fiorillo  Mike Fracasso  Diana Boudreau  Phil Varela 
Mindy Householder  Andrew Milner  Don Prothero  Bill Parker  Kenshu Shimada  Jason Schein  Robyn Henderek 

Cassi Knight
Roy Plotnick
Thomas Holtz
Sidney Ash
Joshua Samuels
Alan Titus
Vincent Santucci
Josh Bonde
Michelle Pinsdorf
Glenn W. Storrs
Rebecca Hunt-Foster
Arthur J. Boucot
Robert B. Blodgett
Greg McDonald
Eric Scott
Sally Shelton
Hans Deitre-Sues
Jim Kirkland
Alton Dooley
Karen Chin
Erica Clites
Katie Loughney
Richard Kissel
Andrew Heckert
John Repetski
Christy Visaggi
John Hoganson
Scott Foss
Bruce Schumacher
Scott Sampson
Greg Liggett
Jere Lipps
Matthew Miller
David Brezinski
James Hagadorn
Kari Prassack
Tony Fiorillo
Mike Fracasso
Diana Boudreau
Phil Varela
Mindy Householder
Andrew Milner
Don Prothero
Bill Parker
Kenshu Shimada
Jason Schein
Robyn Henderek




NFD Song

CD coverCelebrate National Fossil Day by singing along to the National Fossil Day song.

You can also sing along to other songs about the National Parks on the Songs for Jr. Rangers album.
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web ranger cartoonCreate your own ranger station, share pictures and stories, play games, and earn badges. Learn about people, history, animals, science, and the National Parks.

Play Dino Diets, and learn about what different dinosaurs ate.
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Views of the National Parks: Paleontology

moth fossilExplore the world of paleontology. Learn about fossils, how they form, the scientists that study them, and the national parks which preserve them.

Views of the National Parks: Geologic Time

Grand CanyonLearn your way through Geologic Time. See how fossils help us figure our Earth's History.
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San Diego Natural History Musuem

cephalopods swimmingPresents Fossil Mysteries Interactives including "Who moved the body?", a dinosaur puzzle and "What am I?", a study of fossil evidence.


Fossils Through Geologic Time

skullFind out about geologic time and fossils by visiting Fossils Through Geologic Time. We've put together a list of National Parks that span Earth's history and preserve fossils that are part of our nation's rich geologic heritage.

Art Contest

NFD logo sketchLove to draw? Love fossils? Tell us what your favorite fossil is by sending us some artwork! Your fossil could be chosen as a candidate for our National Fossil. Check out the 2013 Art and Photo Contest.
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See past art contest winners.


Evolve or Perish

board gamePlay your way through the history of life! Check out Evolve or Perish, a board game put together by the Smithsonian Institution Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems program.
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Fun Activities

Jr. paleontologist illustrationCheck out all the fun things you can do while learning about fossils! Choose from art, history, math, reading and writing, science, and Jr. Ranger pro-grams from some of the NPS fossil parks.

Be a Junior Paleontologist

badgeLearn more about fossils by completing the activity book and earning your Junior Paleontologist badge.
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Be a BLM Jr. Explorer

Join the Adevnture logoDo activities and learn about Geology and Fossils, and about Jurassic Dinosaurs from Utah.


Favorite Books

booksLove paleontology? Love reading? Here are some of our favorite books about paleontology and fossils. Use this list to read your way through prehistoric time.
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Earth Science Week's Student Page

Earth Sceince Week logoWant to participate in Earth Science Week? Here are some ways to get involved!
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Book List

book coverStart your classroom or family reading list! Here are some awesome books about paleontology and fossils.



Resources for Parents and Teachers

recreation sign with fossil skullHere are some great ways to help your child learn about paleontology and fossils.
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Take a hike!

child hiker at viewpointThere are many opportunities to get outside with your kids and experience your ancient America. We've listed a sample of fossiliferous hikes suggested by NFD partners.

Share your Favorites

child with fossil shellIf you would like to share a story or link with other National Fossil Day participants, contact us at the link below.
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Last updated:February 12, 2014