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video of Geology, Why bother?

Geology, Why Bother?
Why Bother Films, LLC., Boulder Colorado
26 minutes, VHS and DVD
Available through NPS Partner; the Geological Society of America's Bookstore

This film is designed to interest students in geology and encourage career choices in the geosciences by exploring the many ways that geology impacts contemporary life. From learning to live with geologic disaster, to sustaining non-renewable geologic resources, to understanding complex climate, ecological, and environmental earth systems, this non-technical educational documentary illustrates why studying geology is important and fun. Upbeat pacing includes geologic disaster photography, computer graphics and special effects, and interviews with working geoscience professionals. Recommended for grades 5 and up.

video of The Great Floods, Cataclysms of the Ice Age

The Great Floods, Cataclysms of the Ice Age
Washington State University
13 minutes, VHS.
Northwest Interpretive Association Bookstore

Tracking the clues that lead to the final verdict that revolutionized geologic thinking. The story of the channeled scablands of eastern Washington, the formation of the Grand Coulee, and the Dry Falls is a complicated one. Based on the work of J Harlen Bretz. These floods are also known as the Bretz Floods or the Missoula Floods.

video of Ice Age Flood-Catastrophic Transformation of the West

Ice Age Flood- Catastrophic Transformation of the West
University of Oregon
28 minutes, VHS.
Northwest Interpretive Association Bookstore

What happened to the land after the floods stopped? Where did all of the debris go? This video goes into detail on what happened to the land that is now Portland, Oregon and the Willamette Valley during and after the Ice Age Floods.

video of Perilous Beauty: The hidden dangers of Mount Rainier

Perilous Beauty: The hidden dangers of Mount Rainier
U.S. Geological Survey
Northwest Interpretive Association
29 minutes, VHS.

Volcanic activity, landslides and glacial erosion have continuously re-shaped Mount Rainier's magnificent cone. These natural processes have also sent large and dangerous mudflows rushing down all river valleys leading away from the volcano. Understanding these past events is key to reducing our risk from future volcanic activity. This video uses computer animation, eruption footage, interviews with scientists, and vivid aerial and ground shots of the mountain to show how mudflows from Mount Rainier can affect communities in Western Washington.

video of Rainbow of Stone: A journey though deep time in the Grand Canyon

Showcase of the ages: The geology of the earth as revealed in Grand Canyon
Joe Munroe
Wilderness Adventures Film
58 minutes, VHS.

Video traces earth's geologic history as experienced through a rowing raft trip through the Grand Canyon. Footage from the air, rims and river level are used along with original art and graphics to illustrate how the strata and canyon formed.

rainbow of stone video cover

Rainbow of stone: A journey through deep time in the Grand Canyon
Terra Productions
40 minutes, VHS.

A Journey through Deep Time in the Grand Canyon (narrated by Robert Fulghum) is a visually pleasing passage through the chapters of time, layered like a cake, but explained like a cookbook. From top to bottom the viewer learns that the canyon has been sliced by the blade of the Colorado River to the lowest layer of igneous rock that is 2 billion years old. Plate tectonics have moved pieces of the continent of Pangaea from the equator on a journey of over 2,000-miles to its present location. Messages in stone interpreted through color, texture, and composition explain the environment of deposition. One will learn of the 1.2-billion years of missing rock known as an unconformity, the 200 ancient lava flows, the 12 flows that once dammed the river, and how 1,000 cubic miles of rock have eroded over the past 6-million years. The video mimics the pace of time in its deliberate slow narration, but it is enjoyable, and the scenery is a traditional rainbow of stone. While appearing unchanging in our life span, the canyon demonstrates that "nothing is constant but change" when seen through the eyes of a geologist.

video of Yellowstone: Imprints of geologic time

Yellowstone: Imprints of geologic time
Terra Productions
27 minutes, VHS.

Imprints of Geologic Time takes viewers on a spectacular journey through the colorful geologic story of Yellowstone National Park. The video covers the entire geologic history beginning with the initial deposition of the first sedimentary rocks through major periods of volcanism and the modification of the landscape through glacial processes. The video uses both photographic and diagrammatic imagery to show viewers the geologic processes involved in shaping this landscape. The focus shifts frequently from a discussion of the geology to spectacular photography of the wildlife, geysers, hot springs, and mountain scenery. Seemless transitions between the scenic and scientific wonders of Yellowstone ensure that the viewer gets both a wealth of information and a feel for the beauty of the area.

video of Timeless Impressions: Petrified Forest / Painted Desert, A story in stone

Timeless Impressions: Petrified Forest / Painted Desert, A story in stone
Petrified Forest Museum Association
Camera One
60 minutes, VHS.

This video is a learning experience that expands the imagination from the present-day Painted Desert with the greatest concentration of petrified trees in the known world to its origins. The viewer is transported back in time 225 million years to a landscape of wet forests with roaming exotic wildlife. The ancient life now resting in beds of rock as fossils comes to life through innovative flashbacks and current examples of the forces of nature shaping modern topography through the processes of erosion. Viewers are reminded that while sand and clay are being washed away to reveal their buried treasures, the treasures are walking out of the park in the pockets of visitors. Now, only education and vigilance can slow the destruction of this special place. Plants and animals, ancient cultures, recent history, and beautiful photography combine for a refreshing hour of adventure and learning in this panoramic kaleidoscope of desert landscape. Buckle-up for your ride down Route 66 over bridges of petrified wood, past ruins of great kivas, where survival depended on knowledge of the solar marker, to the land of timeless impressions.

video of The Southern Appalachians: A Changing World

The Southern Appalachians: A Changing World
U.S. Geological Survey
25 minutes, VHS.

The viewer makes a pleasant 25-minute journey through geologic time from the origin of the Great Smoky Mountains to present time. One is treated to fantastic photography, understandable plate tectonic diagrams, and ancient geologic processes of moving continents, mountain building, and erosion. There is a blending of the biologic diversity dependent upon its geologic foundation, the history of the indigenous peoples and the conflict with new-world settlers over mineral development of gold and copper. The green scenery tackles the complexity of the green movement toward environmental restoration and stewardship in a non-threatening manner. The cycle of life is a dynamic process of building up and tearing down. A little knowledge of geology will open the eyes and mind of the viewer to a window of the past as well as a prediction of the future. Where else can one learn a little science while seeing a billion years of geology condensed into less than a half-hour?

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