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LearnGeo Activities

Junior Ranger activity in Mount Rainier
Junior Ranger pledge in Grand Tetons
Exploring Mount Rainier


Growing Speleothems

Soda Straws

In this activity students will grow their own speleothems, learn about the process of mineral formation, and record observations at the end of each day. Learn more...

Karst Topography Paper Model

Topography Paper Model

In this activity, students will construct a 3-D paper model that shows how water moves through karst and cave systems. Peering into the model's cave opening reveals a miniature diorama with many cave features. Learn more...

It's About Time

Space photo
Photo courtesy of NASA

Have you ever wondered how geologic time works? This interactive classroom learning activity helps build the basic understanding of geologic time for grades 4-9. Learn more...

Plan a Trail!

Students mapping

Students will draw a trail of the fictional Mount Stupendous National Park that will maximize fun, minimize impacts, and bypass hazards. Learn more...

Edible Landscapes

Glacier width=

Glaciers are large masses of ice that persist over time and flow internally. Using common pantry items (ice cream, pretzels, crackers, etc), students will simulate glacial movement and discover ways that landscapes are formed. Learn more...

Digging for Fossils

Fossil excavation

To learn about a fossil and its environment, paleontologists take detailed measurements, photographs, and notes during excavation. In this activity you will learn the steps of a paleontology dig, uncover a buried "fossil" using appropriate tools, and piece it back together to understand its natural history.
Learn more...

Make Your Own Geologic Heritage Tour


Many national parks were designated because of their amazing geology. In this activity you will create a slide presentation demonstrating the variety of geologic features and history of the national parks. Learn more...

Making a Cave

Glacier study at Lake Clark NP and Preserve

After making clay models of caves students will learn about weathering processes and be able to conceptualize how water creates caves and cave formations. Learn more...

Go With the Flow


Students will be able to visualize, understand, and apply watershed knowledge by learning key watershed concepts and building a watershed model. Learn more...

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