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Exploring Sounds

Wolf howling

The howl of a wolf is a rare and beautiful natural sound. Photo © World Entertainment News Network.

Visit our Sound Gallery to listen to some of the sounds you might experience in the national parks! You can download natural sounds (birds, mammals, geological, meteorological sounds), cultural sounds (cannon fire, Native American music, sensation jazz, reveille), and human-caused sounds (boat, motorcycle, jet, snowmobile, car alarm).

In order to fully appreciate and understand the importance of soundscapes in parks as well as your everyday life, you must experience and explore sound for yourself. To Enhance your Soundscape Experience, simply follow some of our suggested tips.

If you are a teacher looking to explore soundscape then please visit our Teaching Soundscapes page, which provides examples of how to engage youth and fun activities to try in the classroom.


Featured Videos

Olympic National Park Wilderness Sounds VideoIf Wilderness Could Speak: Olympic Wilderness

Elk bugling, Waves crashing, and banana slugs making their way through the moss - these are the instruments of the Olympic Wilderness orchestra. Watch and listen to the beautiful symphony of this unique wilderness that comprises 95 percent of Olympic National Park. This video was produced by film students at American University in partnership with the NPS.


leaf in water

Wilderness Song: Shenandoah

Falling leaves. Babbling water. Chirping birds. The sounds that embody the Shenandoah Wilderness make their own kind of music. Explore the musical dynamics of this special place with two local musicians. This video was produced by film students at American University in partnership with the NPS.


Great Sand Dunes Singing Sands

Singing Sands: Great Sand Dunes

The mysterious phenomenon of "singing" or "booming" sands has been known for centuries in desert regions around the world. Watch and listen as scientists from NPS set out to create and record a sand avalanche and learn what causes this unique sound!



Natural Sounds Video

This video provides an introduction to the Natural Sounds Program, its mission, and the role of natural and cultural sounds in your National Parks.