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Sound Clips Used in Activities

Communicating in the Wild


Capital Reef's Voice - Sound Clips Used in Program

Only those sound clips recorded by NPS are provided below (Right click on the links and choose "Save Link As"). Other clips can be found using the cited information.

  1. Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”
  2. Cricket; Recorded by Laura Geier in Fruita Area of Capitol Reef National Park
  3. Black-chinned hummingbird; Recorded by John Neville near the Columbia River
  4. Common Poorwill; Jeff Rice’s Western Soundscape Archive (WSA),
  5. Pipistrelle bat
  6. Coyote; WSA (Jeff Rice),
  7. Fremont River that cuts through Capitol Reef National Park; Recorded by Laura Geier
  8. Flashflood; Whitmore Wash; WSA (Jeff Rice),
  9. Mexican spotted owl; Sound clip taken from
  10. Red spotted toad chorus; WSA (Jeff Rice),
  11. Bighorn sheep; recorded by from Natural Sounds Program
  12. Piñon Jays; Recorded by Laura Geier near Golden Throne Trail at Capitol Reef National Park
  13. Rattlesnake sound; WSA (Jeff Rice),
  14. Mountain Lion Growl

Last Updated: April 17, 2012