Report Templates (for download)

Before downloading a template, you should already know in which report series you want to publish (NRTR, NRR, or NRDS).

Software programs and NPS publication polices change over time. We strongly suggest that you begin the final format and layout for new NRTR, NRR, and NRDS reports with a template that was downloaded within the last six months.

The templates below provide guidance and working examples for most layout elements found in NRTR, NRR, and NRDS reports (images, tables, etc.), and were designed to help authors and editors meet NRPM publication policy standards (NPS Graphic Identity, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, official policy statements, etc.).

MS Word Templates

MS Word templates for NRTR, NRR, and NRDS reports are designed for a broad audience with different levels of experience using MS Word and NPS publication policies.

MS Word templates can be used by NPS employees or outside contractors.

Each year, about 93% of all new reports are generated using MS Word.

MS Word Templates Available for Download

Adobe InDesign Templates

Adobe InDesign templates for NRTR, NRR, and NRDS reports are typically used for reports that require more complicated or polished layouts, and when there is a significant or important print distribution.

Some experience with using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and NPS publication policies is recommended.

Adobe InDesign templates should only be used by NPS employees. External cooperators should always use our MS Word document templates (above).

Each year, about seven percent of all new reports are generated using Adobe InDesign.

NPS Proprietary Fonts for Download

NPS proprietary fonts are used in all of our Adobe InDesign templates. There are special copyright agreement rules (NPS only) for supplying these fonts to partners and/or contractors outside the NPS.

Adobe InDesign Templates for Download

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