NPS Director's Order 12: Conservation Planning, Environmental Impact Analysis and Decision Making
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White Sands National Monument, NM2.11 Overview of the NEPA Process — Using Contractors

A NEPA document may be prepared by a contractor for either internally or externally generated proposals if no conflict of interest exists. If a contractor prepares an EIS or an EA, there must be a waiver prepared by NPS and signed by the contractor indicating the contractor has “no financial or other interest in the outcome of the project.” (1506.5). Even when a NEPA document is prepared by a contractor, NPS has the responsibility for ensuring its adequacy.

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Example Scope of Work

Working with EA/EIS Contractors

The following two templates can be used for preparing cost esimtes for environmental assessments. They are generic and the appropriate hours and rates must be entered. These files both require Microsoft Excel. When you click on one of the links below, Excel will open the file. Do a File>Save As to save the template to your hard disk.

Generic Cost Template for Preparing Estimates

Alternate Cost Template for Preparing Estimates

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