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Volume 30
Number 2
Fall 2013
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The Nature Play Zone at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore: A case study

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By Kim Swift

Photo of schoolchildren playing in the Nature Play Zone at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
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Photo detail of the Monte Video inscription
					The “Monte Video” inscription at Grand Canyon National Park: Why it’s likely from the Bass tourist era
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By Jonathan Upchurch*
In Focus: Archeology In Park Management
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					Deep-time perspectives and understanding change on public lands
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By Dawn Bringelson
Raster image map showing areas of high probability for archeological site locations at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Predicting the past with GIS at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
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By Amanda Renner
Resource managers investigate an archeological site on the shore at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin
					Archeological contributions to climate change studies: Past, present, and future
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By Erin C. Dempsey and Dawn Bringelson
Historical aerial photo of Alligator Bay in 1927, Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota, showing an uncut pine stand and an overland winter trail Ojibwe cultural landscapes of Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota
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By Andrew LaBounty
Three-dimensional point cloud data overlay a terrain model of the Big Hidatsa Village area Use of high-resolution airborne laser scanning for the analysis of archeological and natural landscapes on the northern Great Plains
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By Jay T. Sturdevant, Stephen K. Wilson, and Jeff Bragg
An archeologist in a trench excavates the area below the buffalo jump where artifacts and bison bones were discovered Native American culture and prehistoric bison hunting in the Black Hills
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By Anne M. Wolley Vawser and Timothy Schilling
Designing Parks for Human Health Benefits
A shuttle bus service at Zion National Park Park health resources: Benefits, values, and implications
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By Jennifer M. Thomsen, Robert B. Powell, and Diana Allen
Quapaw Bathhouse, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Development of a Healthy Parks Healthy People strategic action plan for Hot Springs National Park
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By Dorothy L. Schmalz, Jeffrey C. Hallo, Sarah F. Griffin, Michael Kusch, and Mardi Arce
Article thumbnail Managing vegetation for children: Enhancing free-play opportunities through direct management
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By Thomas Marlow, Mike DeBacker, and Craig Young
Research Reports
Photo of automobile traffic at the Desert View entrance to Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Cars and canyons: Understanding roadside impacts of automobile pollution in Grand Canyon National Park
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By Julie A. Kenkel, Thomas Sisk, Kevin Hultine, Steven Sesnie, Matthew Bowker, and Nancy Collins Johnson
Photo of a cattail marsh at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin Cattail hybridization in national parks: An example of cryptic plant invasions
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By Joy Marburger and Steve Travis
Aerial photomosaic of the Jamaica Bay shoreline in 2006 Shoreline Changes in Jamaica Bay, Gateway National Recreation Area, 1924–2006: Implications for Shoreline Restoration
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By Rebecca Boger, Joseph Essrog, and Mark Christiano
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