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Pacific West Region celebrates their 100th National Natural Landmark Designation Mount Howard-East Peak, OR

Albany Pine Bush
Mount Howard-East Peak, Photo by J. Kagan

In June 2016, Secretary Jewell officially designated the Mount Howard-East Peak National Natural Landmark (NNL). Located in Wallowa County, Oregon, the site is administered by the U.S. Forest Service, Wallowa Whitman National Forest. The addition of Mount Howard-East Peak brings the total number of national natural landmarks nationwide to 598; this newest landmark also has the distinction of being the 100th NNL designated within the Pacific West Region.

The NNL program recognizes the nation's best, most illustrative examples of biological and geological resources across the county. These resources represent the rich and diverse tapestry of America's natural landscapes. Landmark site are designated based on their condition, illustrative character, rarity, diversity and value to science and education.

The Mount Howard-East Peak NNL contains the best quality and most diverse example of Montane Grasslands remaining in the Columbia Plateau region. The area also has important botanical diversity, providing habitat for a number of Wallowa Mountain endemic plant species, including over 80% of the world's population of the imperiled plant, Greenman's desert-parsley (Lomatium greenmanii).

"National natural landmark designation not only encourages preservation of our nation's natural heritage but it also enhances our scientific understanding of these unique places," said National Park Service Director Jonathon B. Jarvis. "These landmarks are the best remaining examples of these ecosystems in our nation and possibly the world."

Visit the U.S.Forest Service website for more information about the newest NNL.

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Last Updated: July 05, 2016