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coverInside Earth Newsletters

PDF versions of the National Park Service's cave resource management newsletter dating back to the first issue in 1998, are available as downloadable PFD files.
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New Publications

Cave Ecology Inventory and Monitoring Framework report coverCave Ecology Inventory and Monitoring Framework

This framework provides managers with tools to determine variability and long-term trends in cave biota. It also helps cave managers prioritize monitoring activities and provides guidance on conducting in-cave monitoring work by promoting safe and sustainable methods. [PDF 2MB]

Cave Ecology Inventory and Monitoring Framework report coverA Protocol for Monitoring Cave Crickets (Hadenoecus subterraneus) at Mammoth Cave National Park

Given the importance of cave crickets to subsurface ecosystems monitoring of their entrance populations can provide park managers with an early warning of potential trouble with cave ecosystem health.
[PDF 4.8MB]



brochure coverCave and Karst Program brochure

Low resolution [PDF 198KB]

High resolution [PDF 1.9MB]

brochure coverDiscover National Park Caves brochure

Low resolution [PDF 1.4MB]

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Topography Paper Model

Caves of the National Parks Poster
Caves are diverse, fascinating, and rich in resources and a valuable part of our geologic heritage. This classroom poster helps students learn about Caves of the National Parks and why caves are important. Download PDF...

brochure coverCaves and Karst in the U.S. National Park System map/poster

[PDF 13 MB]

cave poster thumbnail2009 Park Cave posters



Technical Reports

brochure coverAn Inventory of Paleontologicial Resources Associated with National Park Service Caves

[PDF 1.2MB]

brochure coverNPS Geologic Resources Inventory

Park-specific geologic reports and digital geologic map data are available for many parks as free downloadable files. Learn more...

NCKRI report coverEvaluation of Cave and Karst Programs and Issues at US National Parks

Produced by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute, this report indicates that 191 parks should have caves and/or karst features, and provides observations and recommendations based on a recent survey of park units with cave and karst resources. [PDF 1MB]



Park Cave & Karst Resource Summaries

brochure coverAbraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, Kentucky

[PDF 490KB]

brochure coverMontezuma Castle National Monument, Arizona

[PDF 720KB]


brochure coverTuzigoot National Monument, Arizona

[PDF 57KB]





IA cover2012 Interagency Agreement

[PDF 527KB]

MOU cover2013 Cave Research Foundation / National Park Service Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

[PDF 2.1MB]


MOU cover2014 National Speleological Society / National Park Service Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

[PDF 527KB]




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