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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
BELA Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Arctic Network Alaska Region In Progress yes 2015 2015 2014-0924: with KOVA completed is this now in progress ?__2013-1121: using GMAPs 75659 and 75660 to complete BELA; one is printed paper map and other is GIS data……2013-0115: companion to GMAP 75659 (?) ; needs assessed for BELA; downloaded shapefiles for Shishmaref, Kotzebue, Teller, Bendeleben 1x3's for BELA conversion; likely can be started2011-0202: not likely for FY 2011 so backing down to 2013 for now per Ric Wilson carved from arctic map…..2008-0103: Kotzebue (GMAPs 3604, 2415), Shishmaref, Bendeleben (3604, 2415), Teller (2416) 1x3's of interest; needs sorted out and summarized still Image
FOLS Fort Larned National Historic Site Southern Plains Network Midwest Region In Progress yes 2015 2015 2015-0507: in progress, but we need an official kickoff too____2015-0428: received files from KS GS for conversion____2015-0305: latest update O'meara has from Dunham is spring 2015 delivery…will await____2014-0613: Steph says At DMT spoke with John Dunham of the KGS and he was very appreciative of the financial support we're providing so he can have a intern work on some of the map. John stated they'll have the data to us in September. If so, this may or may not be a FY 2014 completion._____2014-0414: funding provided to KS GS; delivery by end of summer 2014…..2014-0327: contracting with KS GS to deliver Pawnee County digital geology…. 2013-0918: backing out to 2014……2013-0723: O'meara says at DMT John Dunham said a few maps in front of this for KS GS folks so keep waiting ……hopefully soon…..2012-0925: backed out to 2013…2011-1212: My graduate mapper and I finally got out to check on the areas in question. I will check with John Dunham, Cartographic Services at the KGS, in the next couple of days to get that area mapping emailed to you. I am afraid that you will not find it very exciting--Quaternary loess and alluvial fill … no bedrock. Our criteria for unit mapping of Quaternary material is a minimum of 2m thickness, so the bedrock is not mapped in these surficial geology products. Thanks for the patience and the reminder. Best of the holidays, Bill2011-0608: sent email for status update….2011-0112: Connors called Bill Johnson; same status….he says he'll have KGS cartographer (John Dunham) send us files when they are ready….2010-0910: Tim called Bill Johnson via phone and spoke; still awaiting product. Bill will notifiy us when its available….2010-0527: Tim sent email request to KGS and Bill Johnson at KU for status update; awaiting response from both and Bob Sawin……..2010-0113: Tim sent email request to KGS for status update; awaiting response from Bob Sawin who is contacting mappers…..2009-0527: Hi Tim - I talked to our Cartographic Services manager this afternoon about the status of the Pawnee County map. Apparently there is still some field checking the authors need to do before it can be finalized. He will inform the authors (they are not KGS staff) of your interest in the map, which may inspire them to finalize it this summer. He didn't seem to think we'd see anything printed before the end of the year. - Bob…..2008-0626: Fort Larned National Historic Site has one 7.5-minute quadrangle of interest: Fort Larned. As of June 2008, the GRE Program plans to get updates from the Kansas Geological Survey on when Bill Johnson will be finished refining GMAP 74981 in the FOLS area. When this is accomplished, GRE staff will obtain this from Kansas GS and incorporate into master FOLS database. If something is needed in the interim, GRE staff have scans of GMAP 74960 for reference, but don’t believe this map should be digitized at the present time. Image

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