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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
BELA Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Arctic Network Alaska Region In Progress yes 2015 2015 2014-0924: with KOVA completed is this now in progress ?__2013-1121: using GMAPs 75659 and 75660 to complete BELA; one is printed paper map and other is GIS data……2013-0115: companion to GMAP 75659 (?) ; needs assessed for BELA; downloaded shapefiles for Shishmaref, Kotzebue, Teller, Bendeleben 1x3's for BELA conversion; likely can be started2011-0202: not likely for FY 2011 so backing down to 2013 for now per Ric Wilson carved from arctic map…..2008-0103: Kotzebue (GMAPs 3604, 2415), Shishmaref, Bendeleben (3604, 2415), Teller (2416) 1x3's of interest; needs sorted out and summarized still Image
GWCA George Washington Carver National Monument Heartland Network Midwest Region In Progress yes 2015 2015 2014-1117: need to have kickoff call; awaiting specs from Georgia Hybels….2014-1024: Bruce says he has deliverable from Doug Gouzie for GWCA; needs gmap once verified…..2014-0414: hope to have draft map by October 2014 (which they hope to present at GSA 2014) from GeoCorps…….2014-0325: call with Doug Gouzie to discuss GIP to map GWCA area; proposes December 2014 delivery to NPS…..2013-0501: backed out to 2014;…..2011-0419: based upon scoping, GRI has available data to digitize for 2/4 quadrangles (Fidelity and Joplin East), but not for Granby which intersects park proper………may solicit proposals from MO GS to map….stay tuned2011-0203: moving to 2012 earliest completion based upon not scoped yet…….2010-0910: gmap search for Joplin East, Fidelity, Tipton Ford, Granby 7.5's yields multiple for Joplin East needing entered into db Image

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