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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
BOHA Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area Northeast Temperate Network Northeast Region In Progress yes 2014 2014 2014-0923: expect imminent completion and posting_____2014-0731: Significant progress, just awaiting reply from USGS. Georgia and me plan to meet in mid-August to discuss options on how to handle incompleteness and inconsistencies with the source data. GIS data and ancillary document needs QC….2014-0613: Georgia's been working on both bedrock and surficial maps for the numerous islands that comprise the park…….2014-0423: moved to in progress…..2013-0917: have received surficial data from Zoe Hughes via FTP; see emails; likely can be started; files at Z:\gis-nps\_by_gmap_id\_staging\boha for now…BUT we need to make sure the Massachusetts GS stuff for bedrock is finalized for our purposes…need to contact Joe Kopera for updated maps ASAP..2011-0922: don't have surficial data though so cannot GPRA complete as some isles uncovered to date….2011-0901: received zipped deliverables from Mass GS for GRI conversion; needs evaluated…assigned as GMAP 75578…..2011-0608: Tim spoke with Joe Kopera on both BOHA and SAIR deliverables…he thinks they’ll be to us by 2011-0801….but Steve Mabee may have asked for 8/31 extension with Bruce….need to ask…..2011-0202: need updated status from Bruce Heise to determine if 2011 or 2012 reasonable est; expect USGS late FY 2011 delivery, but likely cannot GRI complete til 2012……..2008-0731: can use GMAP 2326 for some bedrock, but should also try to acquire Richard Bailey unpub'd stuff too. For surficial, use GMAP 74763 and anything newer that USGS has produced for area.; see Steve Mabee email too (Mass GS): Bottomline - If you want the bedrock geology we would probably have to do it. To do it we think would take about 1 to 1.5 years and about 60 to 80K. If you are interested we can put together a proposal. Surficial Geology I talked with both Byron Stone and Janet Stone at length this week. The Boston surficial geology compilation could be completed in year or so. I would personally wait for that since all the units will be consistent. However, Byron will not be breaking out the units as described by Rosen. He will not be mapping tombolos, retreat platforms, fringing salt marshes, gravel barrier beaches etc. He focuses on thick till, thin till, sand and gravel, lacutrine deposits, modern alluvium, beaches and dune, swamps and artificial fill. Byron would also like to integrate some of the bathymetric and side scan sonar data that the Woods Hole folks have. My recommendation would be to wait for Byron's stuff and then break out the additional morphologic units that the park wants using Byron's maps as a base and then integrating existing subaqueous data. Georgia sent Joe Kopera an email on 1/31/2013 for a status report and he replied a final product would not be available till Fall/Winter 2013. Image

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