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6 maps fit this criteria
Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
CHCU Chaco Culture National Historical Park Southern Colorado Plateau Network Intermountain Region Complete, Update In Progress yes 2007 2015 2014-1208: issues identified with map needing updating___2011-0125: Connors changed initial complete FY from 2008 to 2007 based on O'Meara input;2006-0522: Probably not realistic for 2006 and shift to 2007 because it hasn't been scoped properly; need update from Heather Stanton on her progress to date Image
COLM Colorado National Monument Northern Colorado Plateau Network Intermountain Region Complete, Update In Progress yes 2002 2015 2014-1208: Derek is updating COLM____compiled map; conversion of USGS data Image
DENA Denali National Park Central Alaska Network Alaska Region Complete, Update In Progress yes 2006 2015 2014-1208: updating McKinley 1x3 map by Chet Wrucke….2010-0907: complete and updated2010-0115: Jim Chappell has migrated much fwd and hopes to have done by late January…..2009-1211: Trista asks if we know about MS map that Haessler mentions: I am working through the technical reviews of the DENA GRI report. Peter Haeussler (USGS) suggests we include the following map reference in our digital geologic map: Bemis, Sean, 2004, Neotectonic framework of the north-central Alaska Range foothills: M.Sci thesis, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 153 pp. Another version of this appears in Bemis and Wallace, 2008, AGU monograph 179. According to Peter: "Their mapping changes quite a few features. For example, the north vergent thrust faults along the park road, and interpreted by Bemis as backthrusts (south-vergent thrusts). I think Bemis interpretation of these features is much better than previous mapping."2009-1109: were issues with map and unit tables that can be improved; Jim Chappell would like to upgrade this project based upon lessons learned from converting other AK GRI parks……2006-0822: lots of problems with "download" file projections and naming confusion: "DENAxxx" is the compiled larger scale maps; "DNLIxxx" are the 6-250k sheets, but they don't project properly at all because of UTM zone issues. THESE NEED TO BE ADDRESSED AND FIXED ASAP. Was "estimated" complete by end FY2005 bu really occurred in 2006 Image
GRSM Great Smoky Mountains National Park Appalachian Highlands Network Southeast Region Complete, Update In Progress yes 2006 2015 2014-1208: need to evaluate differences between SIMs and Ofs….2012-1120: need to evaluate new paper copy GRSM map (GMAP for SIM-2997)……2006-0928: completed and posted; see Heather Stanton email Image
KIMO Kings Mountain National Military Park Cumberland Piedmont Network Southeast Region Complete, Update In Progress yes 2007 2015 2013-0111: being updated by Chappell and Max…….2011-0212: did we incorporate GMAP 75063/75195 official SIM map material into gri KIMO map? Needs reviewed and verified…….2007-0314: posted and completed ?? Image
MORA Mount Rainier National Park North Coast and Cascades Network Pacific West Region Complete, Update In Progress yes 2003 2015 2014-1208: updating MORA data to fill in a gap in northwest corner____2010-1221: discovered USGS dds 549 on MORA glacial extent (GMAP 75488); need to evaluate to see if it should be added to MORA product……2008-1124: Tim talked to Jon Riedel who says MORA landform/surficial maps nearing completion (about 2/3 complete). Says he uses the digital 100k WA state and USGS data to view bedrock, but his stuff for resource management.compiled map; bedrock and surfical map Image

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