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Saguaro National Park Air Quality Monitoring

IMPROVE Monitoring Site in Saguaro National Park, Arizona
Air Atlas
Air Atlas is a GIS database of air quality estimates for 270 parks that are part of the NPS Inventory and Monitoring Program. These estimates can be used when on-site monitoring data is not available.

Air Atlas

Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring
Deposition of pollutants, including sulfur and nitrogen, is not measured in Saguaro NP. However, the NPS Air Resources Division has estimated deposition of sulfur and nitrogen in Saguaro NP, using interpolation techniques on data from deposition monitors throughout the Southwest (see Air Atlas website). Although estimates of deposition are relatively low, they are significantly elevated above natural conditions. In many areas of the Southwest, sulfur deposition is decreasing somewhat while nitrogen deposition is increasing.

Ozone Monitoring
Tropospheric (ground-level) ozone concentrations have been monitored in Saguaro NP from 1982-present. The EPA Air Data site ID is 040190021.

Visibility Monitoring
Visual air quality in Saguaro NP has been monitored using an aerosol sampler (1988-1993; 1996-2000; 2001-present). At present, there are aerosol samplers operating in both the Saguaro East Unit and Saguaro West Unit.

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