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Petrified Forest National Park Air Quality Monitoring

Deposition Monitoring Site in Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona
Air Atlas
Air Atlas is a GIS database of air quality estimates for 270 parks that are part of the NPS Inventory and Monitoring Program. These estimates can be used when on-site monitoring data is not available.

Air Atlas

Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring
Wet deposition is monitored at Petrified Forest NP as part of the National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network (NADP/NTN) (2002-present); the site I.D. is AZ97. Dry deposition is monitored in the park as part of the Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNet) (2002-present); the site I.D. is PET247.

Night Skies
Optical monitoring to collect baseline data on night sky brightness at Petrified Forest NP is scheduled for completion in winter 2005-2006, with a report due in 2006. The optical measurement will produce not only a measure of night sky brightness and identification of light pollution sources, but also a measure of the effect of the atmosphere on light scattering caused by fine particulates and other air pollutants, and moisture.

Ozone Monitoring
Ozone is monitored in Petrified Forest NP (1987-1991; 2002-present). The EPA site ID is 040170119.

Visibility Monitoring
Visibility in Petrified Forest NP is monitored with an IMPROVE aerosol sampler (1991-present), a nephelometer (1988-present), and a transmissometer (1987-present). An automatic camera recorded visibility conditions in Petrified Forest from 1987-1994.

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