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Volume 31
Number 1
Special Issue 2014
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Published: 14 Nov 2014 (online)  •  25 Nov 2014 (in print)
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Masthead 31(1)—Special Issue 2014

Integrating Research and Resource Management in the National Parks

Volume 31 • Number 1 • Special Issue 2014
ISSN 0735–9462

Published by
U.S. Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Natural Resource Stewardship and Science
Office of Education and Outreach
Lakewood, Colorado

Director, National Park Service
Jon Jarvis

Associate Director, Natural Resource Stewardship and Science
Raymond Sauvajot

Editor and Layout
Jeff Selleck

Lori D. Kranz (contractor)

Editorial board
John Dennis—Deputy Chief Scientist, Natural Resource Stewardship and Science
Charles Roman—NPS Research Coordinator, North Atlantic Coast Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, University of Rhode Island

Editorial office
Jeff Selleck
National Park Service
P.O. Box 25287
Denver, CO 80225-0287

E-mail: jeff_selleck[at]
Phone: 303-969-2147
Fax: 303-987-6704

Sample style for article citation

Leong, K. M., and G. T. Kyle. 2014. Engaging park stewards through biodiversity discovery: Social outcomes of participation in bioblitzes. Park Science 31(1):106–111.

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Park Science is a research and resource management journal of the U.S. National Park Service. It reports the implications of recent and ongoing natural and social science and related cultural research for park planning, management, and policy. Seasonal issues are published usually in spring and fall, with a thematic issue that explores a topic in depth published in summer or winter. The publication serves a broad audience of national park and protected area managers and scientists and provides for public outreach. It is funded by the Associate Director for Natural Resource Stewardship and Science.

Articles are field-oriented accounts of applied research and resource management presented in nontechnical language. The editor and board or subject-matter experts review content for clarity, completeness, usefulness, scientific and technical soundness, and relevance to NPS policy.

Facts and views expressed in Park Science are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect opinions or policies of the National Park Service. Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation for use by the National Park Service. Article inquiries, submissions, and comments should be directed to the editor by e-mail. Letters addressing scientific or factual content are welcome and may be edited for length, clarity, and tone.

Park Science is published online at (ISSN 1090-9966). The Web site provides guidelines for article submission, an editorial style guide, an archive and key word searching of all articles, and subscription management.

Though subscriptions are offered free of charge, voluntary donations help defray production costs. A typical donation is $15 per year. Checks should be made payable to the National Park Service and sent to the editorial office address.

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From the Editor
Getting Started
National Parks and Biodiversity Discovery
Notes from Abroad
Upcoming Issues/Deadlines
  Masthead Information
Biodiversity: Seek, and you will find
Biodiversity and national parks: What’s relevance got to do with it?
Ben Clark, Biodiversity Youth Ambassador
Inventory and monitoring of park biodiversity
Data management for National Park Service–National Geographic Society BioBlitzes
Benefits of biodiversity to human health and well-being
IUCN World Parks Conference to address values and benefits of biodiversity
Synthetic biology offers extraordinary opportunities and challenges for conservation
Synthetic biology and NPS policy
Engaging citizens on a large scale in biodiversity discovery
Saguaro National Park 2011 NPS-NGS BioBlitz!
The bioblitz: Good science, good outreach, good fun
Ocmulgee National Monument Butterfly Bioblitz
George Washington Carver Bioblitz
Upper Delaware Bioblitz
Perspectives on the ATBI
The GWMP All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory
Moving beyond the minimum: The addition of nonvascular plant inventories to vegetation research in Alaska’s national parks
All along the watchtower
The Call to Action Collect Dragonflies
Local experts identify insect biodiversity in Catoctin Mountain Park
The Crayfish Corps
Pollinators in peril?
Great Lakes pollinators
Insect pollinators of Denali
Monitoring bee diversity and abundance in Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area
Biodiversity inventories and the advent of a volunteer-based natural resource management program at Wolf Trap
Bird diversity reflects battlefield park’s natural setting
Biodiversity discovery: Exploring arthropods in two NPS national monuments
Cameras and cell phones at the bioblitz
Vermont Atlas of Life Field Days
Camera-trap surveys in the southeastern Arizona national parks
Mammal diversity monitoring in Saguaro National Park, Arizona
Camera traps for monitoring biodiversity
Engaging park stewards through biodiversity discovery
Using monitoring data to map amphibian breeding hotspots and describe wetland vulnerability in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
Environmental DNA: Can it improve our understanding of biodiversity on NPS lands?
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