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Educational Activities

Denali fossil excursion
Paleontology team on a field excursion looking for ichnofossils in Denali National Park & Preserve. (NPS Photo by Montana Hodges)


Learn about our nation's fossils at home or in the classroom with these paleontology themed activities. They were developed by education specialists in the National Park Service, fossil sites, or museums across the country. Some of the activities have a site-specific element that can be adapted for use at home or in the classroom. In some cases, a virtual site visit may be possible using online resources. Always check with a local park, fossil site, or museum to see what opportunities might be available in your neighborhood. If you find one you like, you can share it with us here at the Geologic Resources Division.






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  • Teaching Paleontology
  • Science Inquiry
  • USGS Paper Models
  • Additional Materials
Guadalupe Mountains
Ranger led geology tour of the Permian Reef Trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas. (Photo courtesy of Ronald D. Karpilo, Jr., Colorado State University)

Views Module Worksheets

Views of the National Parks multimedia modules are part of the natural resources Science in Action series. The paleontology related modules below demonstrate the various fossil resources in the parks. Worksheets and activities are organized by grade which correspond to the modules for easy download.

Dinosaur National Monument
Paleontology intern, Keegan Melstrom, with the Allosaurus skull on display at Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado & Utah.

Teaching Paleontology

Teaching Paleontology in the National Parks and Monuments and Public Lands is a fossil education program designed by National Park Service staff for use in the classroom and in the Parks.

Fossilized building stone
Paleontology intern, Katherine Loughney, looking for fossils in building stone at Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park. (NPS Photo)

Science Inquiry


  • Fossils Print & Cast. Students make a mold of a "fossil print" and then create a cast from it. Grades 3-6. [20 KB PDF]
  • Cookie Excavation. Students perform a "fossil" dig for chocolate chips. Grades 3-6. [93 KB PDF]
  • Make Your Own Fossil. Big River Classroom activity where students create an imitation fossil that employs at least two elements of the definitition of what a fossil is. Grades 4-6. [63 KB PDF]
  • Kitchen Geology. Students create an edible dish that will demonstrate the layering of rock strata and the ways rock movement can expose fossils. Grades 4-6. [177 KB PDF]
Trilobite cut out

USGS Paper Models

These Open-file Reports were created by the USGS and demonstrate key paleontological concepts through the use of student created paper models.

  • Chicxulub Impact Event. Open-file Report 97-442-A. Students learn about the dinosaur extinction and build paper models of a pterosaur and Triceratops. [500 KB PDF]
  • Crinoids. Open-file Report 97-91A. Students will better understand the flower-like animal, crinoid, its environment, and how they become fossilized. [639 KB PDF]
  • Make Your Own Paper Fossils. Open-file Report 94-667. Students learn about the environment, size and shape, and fossilization process of a nautiloid and trilobite. Full Report [846 KB PDF] | Color Nautiloid [430 KB PDF] | Color trilobite [521 KB PDF]
Geology talk
Fossil Butte National Monument's Guest Scientist, Elaine Lord, giving a geology talk near the fossil quarry. (NPS Photo courtesy of Elaine Lord)

Additional Materials

  • Paleontology Crossword Puzzle. Students can complete a crossword puzzle of paleontology vocabulary. Grades 3-6. [29 KB PDF]
  • Be a Paleontologist!. Students are a paleontologist for a day and plan an expedition to uncover new evidence on the dinosaur extinction. Grades 4-8.
    [15 KB PDF]
  • Fossil Fun Crossword. Students can complete a crossword puzzle of paleontology vocabulary. Grades 4-6. [484 KB PDF]
  • Fossil Find. Students can complete a crossword puzzle of paleontology vocabulary. Grades 4-6. [207 KB PDF]
  • Fossil Futures. Students learn about new discoveries in paleontology. Grades 4-8. [78 KB PDF]
  • Follow a Fossil. Students learn about the entire process of fossil preservation from field work to the museum display. Grades 6-8. [17 KB PDF]


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